Lee Soo Hyuk Workout: ‘Tomorrow’ Star Wowed Viewers With His Transformation In New Drama

Credit: YG Stage / YouTube screenshot

Credit: YG Stage / YouTube screenshot

Lee Soo Hyuk turns heads in his latest K-drama Tomorrow as he transforms into a cold-blooded grim reaper, Park Joon Gil.

The 33-year-old actor looked dapper in a grim reaper’s uniform, basically a black sleek suit, making him look stylish.

However, did you know that before being the sexy Lee Soo Hyuk that we knew, the Doom At Your Service star used to have a skinny physique?

Lee Soo Hyuk’s Modeling Days

He made his debut in 2006 as a model, and because of his slender body, Lee Soo Hyuk is a perfect fit on the runway.

Interestingly, due to his impeccable fashion sense and how he carries himself on stage, he became one of the sought-after models and has appeared on various catwalks.

Towering at 6’0, he appeared on the runways of Balenciaga, J. Anderson, and Juun.J both for Seoul and Paris Fashion Week.

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Lee Soo Hyuk Workout Routine: From Skinny to K-drama Hunk

With over a decade since he started as a model, Lee Soo Hyuk transformed himself into a K-drama hunk, flaunting his hard rock abs and toned body.

In a 2014 report cited by Korea Herald, the actor admitted that he had been exercising and working on his physique during his hiatus.

“As I wasn’t working for quite a long time, I thought I should build up some muscles to get myself ready for the next job,” he said.

Meanwhile, his co-star Lee Ha Na spoke about how dedicated Lee So Hyuk is to his workout.

“Lee Soo-hyuk was staying in Japan before he filmed the nude scene. I heard that he checked into a hotel with a gym to work out in,” she said.

Moreover, the actress then compared him to a Japanese animated series saying, “I heard crews saying that Lee Soo Hyuk was like an Evangelion,” mainly because of his solid body.

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