Son Seok Koo Kdrama List: Series to Binge-Watch Featuring My Liberation Notes Star

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Son Seok Koo dominated 2022 with his Kdrama My Liberation Notes and the blockbuster movie The Roundup.

The versatile star gained viewers' hearts with his mysterious yet charismatic character Gu Ja Gyeong a.k.a Mr. Gu.

In addition, the public was into his team up with Kim Ji Won with their undeniable chemistry.


While Son Seok Ko is the beloved Mr. Gu of Kdrama fandom, he transforms into a sneaky villain in The Roundup.

Also known as The Outlaws 2, he is joined by Ma Dong Seok, reprising his role as the badass detective Ma Suk Do and Choi Gwi Hwa as Chief Jeon.

Not only did The Roundup near 10 million audiences, but viewers were also impressed by Son Seok Koo's contradicting role in the movie versus his character in My Liberation Notes.

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In case you miss Mr. Gu in My Liberation Notes or haven't gotten a chance to see The Roundup, here are other Son Seok Koo Kdramas that you might want to binge-watch.


One of the main characters in Netflix's D.P is Im Ji Sup. Son Seok Koo plays First Lieutenant, who is an elite graduate of the Korea Military Academy and the Commander of the Military Police.


Captain Im Ji Sup is among those who highly disapprove of D.P. or the deserters.

While Private Ahn Jun Ho and Corporal Han Ho Yul, played by Jung Hae In and Goo Kyo Hwan, were tasked to catch these deserters, what matters most to the fearless captain is the result.

He is also the rival of Private Ahn Jun Ho and Corporal Han Ho Yul's commander Park Bum Goo (Kim Sung Kyun.)

Interestingly, Son Seok Koo will reprise his role as D.P season 2 is set to return on Netflix.

Matrimonial Chaos


The 2018 series is one of Son Seok Koo's first lead roles in Kdrama.

Matrimonial Chaos features a star-studded cast including Cha Tae Hyun, Bae Doona, and Lee El, who was also his co-star in My Liberation Notes.

In the rom-com series, the 39-year-old versatile star plays Lee Jang Hyun, a famous professor in the Fine Arts department.

He is married to Jin Yoo Yeong (Lee El,) who was Jo Seok Moo's (Cha Tae Hyun) first love.

Matrimonial Chaos focuses on the ups and downs of a married couple and thoughts about people who are in their thirties about love and family.

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Designated Survivor: 60 Days

From rom-com, Son Seok Koo proved his versatility as an actor as he joined one of the lead stars of Designated Survivor: 60 Days.

The thriller political Kdrama is an adaptation of the U.S. series Designated Survivor which stars Kiefer Sutherland, Adan Canto, and more.

In the Korean adaptation, the 2019 series is led by Ji Jin Hee, a former professor of chemistry turned acting president Park Moo Jin, while Son Seok Koo took on the role of the arrogant Cha Young Jin.

Joining the duo are Kang Han Na, Lee Joon Yuk, and Escape from Mogadishu star Heo Joon Ho.

Be Melodramatic


As Son Seok Koo's drama list continues, who would forget how he made the viewers laugh and cry in Be Melodramatic?

In the rom-com series, he portrayed the quirky and charming CF director Kim Sang Soo.

The viewers loved his chemistry with Jeon Yeo Been, who played documentary director Lee Eun Jung,

Aside from their loveline, Be Melodramatic centers around three best friends in their thirties juggling careers and love.

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