Someone Edited the Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer to Have a Cartoon-Accurate Sonic


The Sonic the Hedgehog film has now been delayed to give time for the artists to redesign Sonic into something less horrifying, and now Artur Baranov on Youtube has edited the original trailer to feature a cartoon-accurate Sonic.

Check it out:

Admittedly, this version of Sonic isn’t perfect either, but it’s already a big improvement from what we got in the original trailer.

When the trailer first dropped, reception was so negative that Paramount had no choice but to redesign the character. It’s a good thing that they chose to delay the movie too, since you can imagine a bulk of that redesign work will be going to the VFX artists who were just doing their job in the first place.

With Sonic not being the only animated character, I have a feeling that the movie also had to do some redesigns for other characters like Knuckles and Tails. We didn’t get to see any of them in the preview, but seeing as this movie is planning to launch a franchise, there’s no doubt they’ll show up in some kind of after-credits scene or something.

Sonic tries to navigate the complexities of life on Earth with his newfound best friend -- a human named Tom Wachowski. They must soon join forces to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination.

Sonic the Hedgehog is now looking at a Feb. 14, 2020 release date.

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