Sombra Arrives for Overwatch Testing

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The hacker Sombra has made a lot of Overwatch fans excited--and that's even before she was officially announced as a real character.

Now that we've seen a little of what she can do and what she had to go through, Blizzard has finally given players over the Public Test Realm a sample of what they can expect.

For now, PC players can already sample what Sombra can do. There are already a number of gameplay videos coming out, showcasing Sombra's ability to teleport, interfere with enemy abilities, and even become invisible. It's the ultimate passive-aggressive attack at its finest.

Players who can only salivate at the thought of adding Sombra to their roster can check out the skins coming to the game. Blizzard has given us a sneak peek, some of which you can see below.

Note that these skins are available via Loot Boxes for leveling up or spending gold to buy the skins. Personally, I'm digging the Virus skin.

Sombra is not the only thing coming to Overwatch. Blizzard has already confirmed that it will roll out to the PTR a new Arena map, the Ecopoint: Antarctica as well as the Arcade for Brawls and other modes.

More importantly, those who have sampled Sombra have found a rather interesting aspect of her character. According to a new find by Eurogamer, it seems that Sombra can actually snatch—read: hack—the Play of the Game from the hands of someone else.

The video below shows just how it's done. This is a cool add-on, considering Sombra's specialty. If you're playing as Sombra on the PTR, have loads of fun with this quirky new hero.

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