Solo: Harrison Ford’s Advice to Lucasfilm in Casting Alden Ehrenreich

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Probably one of the largest challenges for Solo: A Star Wars Story was casting someone who could fill in the role made so popular by Harrison Ford. I thought Alden Ehrenreich did a wonderful job as Han, and seeing that Solo comes to Netflix tomorrow, let's revisit what Harrison Ford had to say when it came to taking over for him.

Apparently, Ford didn't want the filmmakers to pressure Ehrenreich too much demanding an imitation of his original performance. Here's what he said:

When audiences got their first glimpse at Alden Ehrenreich in character, a lot were disappointed that he didn't look or sound like Harrison Ford. When you catch the film though, you could say that Ehrenreich definitely got the look and feel of Han Solo right, and he made the character completely his own.


If I'm being honest, I'm slowly finding myself loving Ehrenreich's Han more than Ford's. No offense to Ford, but this new Han is a lot more fleshed out, and he has a lot more depth compared to Ford's selfish smuggler from A New Hope. Sure the OT Han has his moments, but this younger Han has so much more character built into him that I'm just itching for a sequel.

We don't know if Lucasfilm will ever make a sequel to Solo, but hopefully, with enough buzz, we can #MakeSolo2Happen. Eventually.

Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives on Netflix tomorrow.

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