Solo A Star Wars Story: Ron Howard Gives Us a Look Inside the Mixing Stage

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Ever since production for Solo: A Star Wars Story wrapped, director Ron Howard had been posting less about the film on social media. With the movie out next month, and the finishing touches being done, Howard has given us another look behind the scenes.

Check it out:


It's been confirmed that though John Powell will be providing the score for the film, veteran Star Wars composer John Williams will be writing a theme for Han. We don't know what that might sound like, but I have a feeling we'll have some sort of musical cue in the Original Trilogy that we've never noticed before.

Though Star Wars is known for its world-building and special effects, a lot of people don't forget just how integral the music is to the franchise. It was even said that when Star Wars first came out, George Lucas was only really pleased with the music.

A new trailer for Solo drops tonight, and hopefully it gets everyone pumped for the release of the movie next month. With Avengers: Infinity War coming out April 27 and Deadpool 2 May 18, there's going to be a lot of stiff competition for Ron Howard's Solo.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out May 25.

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