Solo: A Star Wars Story Novel Confirms Qi'ra's Difficult Rise To Power

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One of the most emotional scenes in Solo: A Star Wars Story was undoubtedly the separation of Han Solo and Qi'ra in the first part of the movie. Although we didn't see Emilia Clarke's character again until much later, she certainly had gone through a lot before that moment. The novelization of the film may have confirmed that it was her constant fight for survival that led to Qi'ra's difficult rise to power.

An excerpt from Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition has just been unveiled by where we finally learn how Lady Proxima dealt with Qi'ra after she was captured. The excerpt reveals that Han's beloved was sold to a slave trader before ending up with Dryden Vos, who made her an offer she simply could not refuse. Read about it below.

"'What do you want, Qi'ra? What were you looking for when you were trying to leave Corellia?'
She nearly laughed in disbelief. Was he really asking that? 'Why does any trapped animal run for an open door?' she asked. 'Freedom.'
'Freedom,' he said, nodding. 'But you will never be free. You will be with the Crimson Dawn—with me—or you will die. But you did gain something, or have you not noticed?' She frowned in confusion. 'You made it off Corellia. You don't have to cater to those disgusting sewer dwellers. You can have the finest things. You can work with me, Qi'ra, not just as my slave. There are opportunities here if you just open your eyes to them.'
Qi'ra narrowed her eyes. 'Why?' she asked. 'Why would you suddenly trust me? As you said, I've cost you quite a bit in guards and property. Why now?'
'The dead guard in your room is precisely why,' he said, step­ping toward her, flexing his fists. 'Let's talk about your poten­tial.'"

Dryden certainly knew how to choose his officers well. Although we don't know what happened after the exchange, Qi'ra may have decided to prove herself to the crime lord and eventually became his top lieutenant.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition was written by Mur Lafferty and will be released on September 4. The movie's DVD and Blu-Ray will be available on September 25.

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