Solo: A Star Wars Story Leaks Ahead of Official Release

A lot of Star Wars fans were waiting for the digital release of Solo: A Star Wars Story coming by the end of the week, but news has just landed that a digital copy of the film has leaked online.

This comes from use ChopAttack on Reddit:

Solo: A Star Wars Story has been leaked online

It seems that bad luck follows this movie around like a shadow. Besides the original directors getting fired and Lucasfilm having to pay way more for reshoots; the movie basically underperformed as it followed blockbuster after blockbuster (Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2). Not to mention Disney was said to have pulled back on the marketing for Solo so the focus would solely be on Avengers when it came out.

I'm just crossing my fingers that this leak doesn't affect Solo's chances at having a successful home release.

Despite the fan boycott and underperformance, people who saw Solo admitted that the film was a fun ride. Alden Ehrenreich and the rest of the cast shine as new and returning characters, and the movie definitely teases a lot more coming in the future.

Solo: A Star Wars Story comes to digital officially on Sept. 14.

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