Solo: A Star Wars Story Cast Member Says Director Change-Up Was Done With “Warmth And Generosity”

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There's a lot of anxiety building up over Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film is still scheduled to release this May, however fans are yet to see an official image or a teaser for the upcoming Star Wars spinoff.

Though some are worried that Solo's delayed marketing campaign might have something to do with the firing of original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord earlier this year, actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge tries to assure the fanbase in an interview with IGN that the turnover from Miller and Lord to Ron Howard was done with nothing but "warmth and generosity from everybody."

"The handover there was done with such warmth and generosity from everybody, and Ron's just a master at his craft; he's going to make a beautiful film out of it. You just really trust him and it was just really exciting to work with him. I mean, it would've been exciting to just pass him in a corridor, let alone for him to be parachuted in to the film you're working on."


Waller-Bridge certainly does her best to settle down the frazzled fanbase, but nothing would be more reassuring than a trailer right now. There were reports that the preview for Solo would come out last Friday, but there's still no trailer for the spinoff, and fans are beginning to itch.

Solo: A Star Wars story is scheduled to release on May 25, 2018.

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