Solo A Star Wars Story: A Better Look at the Millennium Falcon's Detachable Ship

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A lot of fans were scratching heads when they were given a first glimpse at the Millennium Falcon in Solo: A Star Wars Story, seeing that the Falcon had a full nose instead of its trademark ‘prongs.' As it turns out, the movie will explain how the Falcon got that way, and it's because the nose is detachable. Thanks to Bandai, we have a good look at how the ship separates.

Check it out the pictures of their upcoming model kit:


Whether the nose is a detachable ship or a cargo hold, we see that what's left behind is the shape of the classic Falcon; give or take a new satellite dish and some plates, then you have the classic Falcon that we all know and love.

The concept of a smaller ship docked on a larger ship isn't stranger to Star Wars at all. Star Wars Rebels actually had a Falcon-esque ship called the Ghost, and it had a smaller ship that would attach/detach to it called the Phantom.

We don't know yet how Han will manage to lose the front part of the ship, but some guess that this will be filled with cargo that belongs to Jabba the Hutt—hence him being confronted by Greedo about ‘dropping cargo at the first sign of trouble.'

I love the new twist on the Falcon, and I can't wait to see it in action in Solo: A Star Wars Story when it comes out May 25.

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