So Ji Sub Tapped to Star in New Noir K-drama Plaza Wars

Credit: MBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

So Ji Sub has been tapped to star in a new noir K-drama, Plaza Wars.

So Ji Sub is one of the most in-demand South Korean actors, and he has been continuously tapped to star in several films and dramas decades after his debut. He marked his most recent film appearance in Choi Dong Hoon's Alienoid and starred in Doctor Lawyer in 2022.

This year, the actor received a new offer to lead a new series.

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So Ji Sub Receives Offer To Star in Plaza Wars

Star News reported on Feb. 7 that So Ji Sub received an offer to appear in the new drama, Plaza Wars (working title).

Plaza Wars is based on the webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of two gangs that triumphed during a fight for supremacy in front of the National Assembly Plaza in Seoul. The man then discovers secrets surrounding the sudden death of his younger brother.

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In response to the reports, So Ji Sub's agency, 51K Entertainment, released a statement and revealed the status of the offer.

"So Ji Sub has received an offer to star in the drama' Plaza Wars.' He is currently reviewing the offer, and it is not yet confirmed," it said.

So Ji Sub famously starred in other films and dramas, including Alienoid, Be With You, Confession, Rough Cut, The Battleship Island, U-Turn, The Secret Terrius, Oh My Venus, Master's Sun, Phantom, Cain and Abel, Something Happened in Bali, We Are Dating Now and Thousand Years of Love.

So Ji Sub's Beginnings Were Not Easy

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Although So Ji Sub had already starred in many flicks, he spoke about how his career was never easy in the beginning.

He appeared on the Oct. 12 episode of You Quiz on the Block, in which he recalled the time he debuted. According to So Ji Sub, several actors, including Jang Dong Gun, Song Seung Heon and Han Jae Suk, were already popular at that time.

He noted that all of them have defined double eyelids and handsome faces. So whenever he went to auditions, he would always hear the words about why he could not become an actor.

So Ji Sub then recalled:

|At first, it was really hard. When I began, it wasn't like I had an aptitude for it. I was incredibly shy and found it uncomfortable to speak in front of others, so when I said I was going to act, everyone around me said that I wouldn't be able to do it for long. My first goal was to earn money as the head of the family. I wondered, 'How will we eat and live?' I had to become the breadwinner and lead [my family]. That's why I pressured and blamed myself and I think that has remained until now. [The burden] has become lighter than in the past, but still."

But after all his hard work, he officially debuted in the sitcom Three Guys and Three Girls.

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