Snake Eyes Star Henry Golding Addresses Black Panther 2 Namor Casting Rumors

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There is little doubt that fans are already looking forward to Black Panther 2 although the Marvel Cinematic Universe sequel is still in the early stages of development. But what are the chances that Henry Golding is already being considered for the role of Namor? The star of the Snake Eyes film has just addressed all those casting rumors.

Golding recently spoke to MTV News while promoting his new film The Gentleman and he was asked whether he would be interested in playing Namor in the second Black Panther film. Interestingly, Golding admitted that he is a huge fan of the Marvel character since he has always been a comic book nerd.

"He is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe because he straddles his own world," Golding said. "He's not a villain, he's not a hero. He's an anti-hero in much of a sense."

Golding went on to explain that Namor's only goal is to protect the Atlanteans and that the word out on the streets is that Wakanda happens to be a threat. Not surprisingly, he loves this idea as it would depict Namor as an anti-hero.

But has he actually spoken to Marvel Studios about playing the character in the MCU? "No, of course not," Golding was quick to say. He did, however, repeat that he's a big fan and would probably be interested in the role.

For now, it's too early to tell whether Golding will actually get cast in the MCU sequel. We're not even sure if Namor will actually be in Black Panther 2 so it's best to take this with a grain of salt. In the meantime, we're waiting for official updates from Marvel.

Golding is currently shooting Snake Eyes, which is scheduled for release on October 23.

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