Skip and Loafer VA Explains What Makes Mitsumi a Unique Rom-Com Protagonist

Skip and Loafer VA Mitsumi

Skip and Loafer VA Mitsumi

Skip and Loafer continues to be one of this season’s surprise hits, and this is thanks in large part to its adorable protagonist. This is exactly what Yuzuki’s VA in Skip and Loafer said as she talked about what makes Mitsumi unique in a recent interview.

As part of Animate Time’s interview series with the show’s cast, Yuzuki voice actress Maaya Uchida shared her thoughts on Mitsumi, as well as on the character that she plays.

Yuzuki Murashige VA Maaya Uchida’s Thoughts on Her Character

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Maaya Uchida is one of the most prolific voice actresses that are active today as she has played numerous characters over the years, including big recent hits like Chainsaw Man and Bocchi the Rock!

Now, Uchida is voicing a character in Skip and Loafer, and it’s Yuzuki Murashige, the beautiful classmate of Mitsumi.

While Yuzuki seemed a bit cold during her initial appearance, the anime soon shows that there’s more to Yuzuki than what her looks may seem.

This is what Uchida mentioned in her recent Animate Times interview.

She explained that she was drawn to Yuzuki because she seemed like such an unapproachable character because of her looks, but her personality is far from that.

Uchida noted that there’s a cute and almost childlike side to Yuzuki that makes her a compelling character to watch.

What’s also great about Yuzuki is that she strikes up an unexpected friendship with Makoto Kurume, a girl that’s pretty much her opposite, at least from the outside.

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Mitsumi Is ‘Like the Sun’, Says Maaya Uchida

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Yuzuki and Makoto did not hit it off well at first, but they soon become fast friends thanks in part to the protagonist, Mitsumi.

Uchida mentioned in the interview that Mitsumi has a unique appeal because she is the most “normal” among the bunch.

Normal isn’t a bad thing though, as Mitsumi is a straightforward and earnest character that makes people drawn to her.

In a way, Uchida said that Mitsumi is like the sun in how warm she is and how she draws people in.

Adding to this, Mitsumi also has a naivety to her that makes her endearing. This is unlike many high school rom-com protagonists.

You’ll see more of Mitsumi and Yuzuki in the next Skip and Loafer episode which will be released today.

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Source: Animate Times

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