Skip and Loafer Sheds Light on Shima's Complicated Past

Skip and Loafer Shima's Past

Skip and Loafer Shima's Past

While the protagonist Mitsumi is pretty much an open book, Shima is the opposite, as he continues to be shrouded in mystery. But finally, Skip and Loafer Episode 8 shed more light on Sousuke Shima’s complicated past.

From the outside, Shima seems like a happy-go-lucky guy, especially when he’s with Mitsumi. Though as noted by Mika, this is likely just a front.

And in the new episode, interesting details about Shima’s past have been revealed.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Skip and Loafer Episode 8 in this article.

Shima’s Mysterious Family Relationship

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The latest Skip and Loafer episode begins with Shima and Mitsumi going to the zoo together.

Given the Tokyo summer heat, the two decide to call it a day earlier than expected.

Before they leave, the two decide to buy some souvenirs, with Mitsumi asking Shima if he’s getting one for his brother. Soon, we see some short flashbacks to Shima’s home life.

In another scene, a friend of Shima remarks that he has a complicated relationship with his family. This is also the reason he does not want to spend much time at home.

While the new episode did not fully reveal what’s going on with Shima’s family, it does hint at some potential reasons for his behavior.

For one, some fans believe that one of his parents may have remarried, owing to the large age gap between Shima and his brother.

If this is the case, it makes sense why he doesn’t want to go home if he can help it.

What the episode did confirm though is Shima and Ririka’s relationship.

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Shima and Ririka’s Complex Past

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Introduced in the seventh episode, Ririka is a model that barges into Shima’s school, to the surprise of Mika and Mitsumi.

In the latest episode’s final moments, it’s revealed that Ririka and Shima were childhood friends.

It is also revealed that Ririka wants to prevent Shima from enjoying his high school life because of past events.

Ririka was embroiled in a scandal four years ago as she was caught drinking as a minor.

It turns out that Shima may have had a hand in inviting Ririka to drink, though the full details haven’t been explained.

While Ririka was able to save her career, it seems that she hasn’t forgiven Shima for what happened. Because of this, Shima has no choice but to follow her requests.

This complicated past of Shima’s hasn’t been fully revealed yet in Skip and Loafer, but it will likely lead to some interesting developments, especially if Mitsumi finds out.

These intriguing events will continue in the next episode, which will be released next week.

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