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Skip and Loafer Fans Celebrate Series’ Blossoming Yuri Romance

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Skip and Loafer continues to be this season’s comfy rom-com anime. And while there continues to be a lot of interest in the main pairing of Mitsumi and Shima, Skip and Loafer fans are also celebrating a potential yuri romance between two unexpected characters.

On Twitter, the hashtag #yuzumako is getting a lot of traction as fans from all over the world have begun sharing their adorable Yuzuki and Makoto fanart with the hopes that the show makes them a yuri couple.

Is Skip and Loafer a Yuri Anime?

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Of the many high school romance anime of the season, Skip and Loafer stands out in many ways.

One of the biggest reasons is that it has a more realistic take on the romance anime genre all while being fun and wholesome.

Its realism can be attributed to the fact that it’s based on a seinen manga.

For comparison, many school romance anime are based on shounen or shoujo manga, meaning their target audience is usually skewed towards younger folks.

While it’s fair to classify this show as a slice-of-life romance, it’s not exactly a yuri anime.

Sure, it has praise-worthy trans representation, but it does not feature any lesbian romance plotlines, at least for now.

This hasn’t stopped fans though, as there are a lot of Yuzuki and Makoto shippers that have expressed their love for this unlikely duo.

As Yuzuki seems to be a typical cold beauty while Makoto is a more asocial high schooler, they seem to be opposites that would always clash.

Instead, they have become surprisingly close thanks to Mitsumi.

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Skip and Loafer Fans Are Shipping Yuzuki and Makoto

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While their relationship began rather testily, the two soon managed to set aside their differences thanks to Mitsumi’s unplanned efforts.

Soon, the two have become close friends, though some fans believe that there’s more to them.

Right now, the relationship between Yuzuki and Makoto seems to be purely platonic, though, in many fans’ minds, these two are a potential yuri couple.

In fact, as the show continues to air, more and more Yuzuki x Makoto fanart has been shared online.

It’s likely that this ship won’t go away anytime soon, but it remains to be seen if it will actually sail in the anime.

You’ll see more of Yuzuki and Makoto in the next Skip and Loafer episode which will be released next week on Crunchyroll.

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