Sins of Our Mother Release Date, Spoilers & Update: Netflix Docuseries Chronicles How Lori Vallow Became 'Doomsday Mom'

Credit: KTVB/YouTube

Credit: KTVB/YouTube

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Lori Vallow, dubbed "Doomsday Mom," is accused of murdering two of her children alongside her husband, Chad Daybell, in a new Netflix docuseries, Sins of Our Mother, which premieres in September.

The three-part series will center on Vallow and her transition from a devoted Idaho wife and mother of three to a religious extremist preparing for the end of the world. It will also shed light on the mystery behind JJ and Tylee's disappearance.

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Sins of Our Mother: Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell's Ties with 'Doomsday Extremist Group'

Vallow told her best friend Melanie Gibb that she and Daybell were spiritual leaders on a mission during their time on Earth, according to police documents.

Vallow and Daybell are former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who left the church after developing radical religious ideas. They were members of Preparing a People, an alleged "doomsday extremist group," and their odd worldview made them ideal suspects in the disappearance of Vallow's children.

"She (Gibb) was told by Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow that they held the religious belief that they were a part of the 'Church of the Firstborn' and that their mission in that Church was to lead the '144,000' mentioned in the Book of Revelation. They also stated their mission was to rid the world of 'zombies,'" the police document read.

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Lori Vallow Believed Her Children Were 'Zombies'

According to Idaho News, Gibb heard Vallow mention zombies several times, often in relation to her own children. Gibb claims she first heard her friend use the word in the spring of 2019 when Vallow dubbed Tylee a zombie because the adolescent refused to watch her younger brother.

Gibb explained to the cops that the term "zombie" refers to someone whose mortal spirit has left their body and their body now houses another spirit. The new spirit in a "zombie" is always a "dark spirit."

Gibb also revealed that Vallow told her that she first heard the term "zombie" from her new husband, Daybell, in January of that year.

The last time Gibb saw JJ was when she heard Vallow refer to one of her children as a zombie. She claims she went to visit Vallow in September 2019 and was the last person to see JJ before he vanished.

According to Gibb, Vallow and Daybell think that when a zombie takes over someone's body, the person's "true spirit" enters "limbo." They also believe that once in limbo, the spirit remains there "until the host body is physically killed."

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Sins of Our Mother Release Date

Director Skye Borgman's Sins Of Our Mother details this odd, fascinating story. She also directed the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight, which is about an Idaho LDS couple and the kidnapping of their daughter. The two stories certainly share some details, according to Borgman, but they cover very distinct situations.

Sins of Our Mother debuts on Sept. 14 on Netflix.

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