Another Single's Inferno Star Deletes Instagram Posts Showing The Same Fake Designer Top as Free Zia

Single's Inferno ended its eight-episode run on Netflix weeks ago, but in the past month, stars of the popular South Korean reality dating show have been making headlines, and one of the biggest reasons is the controversy surrounding Song Ji-ah, a.k.a. as YouTuber Free Zia.

Free Zia, the most popular cast member of the show, recently faced backlash for wearing outfits and pieces of jewelry that resembled luxury brands including Chanel and Dior for the show and in various YouTube clips She wrote an apology on her Instagram (shown above), and released a public apology video about the fake luxury items.

Now, another Single's Inferno contestant, Ahn Ye Won, reportedly deleted Instagram posts wearing the same fake designer top as Free Zia, Allkpop reports.

Single's Inferno fake designer - Instagram deleted
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Credit: Netflix/Instagram
Single's Inferno fake designer - Instagram deleted

According to the outlet, Ahn Ye Won recently deleted multiple Instagram posts wearing the same fake designer as Free Zia. It was reported that back on August 12, 2021, Ahn Ye Won shared multiple photos of herself wearing the blue 'Dior' tube top.

This is the same fake designer clothing that Free Zia wore on Single's Inferno in a different color. As Free Zia revealed in a Dispatch interview, Free Zia said that it was a gift from her close friend who runs an online shopping business. An appraiser said that Dior doesn't have a tube top that looks like that in their collection.

Single's Inferno - Instagram fake designer deleted
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Credit: Via AllKPop / Netflix
Single's Inferno - Instagram fake designer deleted

According to the report, Ahn Ye Won, who's revealed to be a personal trainer in the reality show, also shot a beauty commercial wearing this top, but she reportedly took down the posts showing her wearing this top on her Instagram.

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Netflix has yet to renew Single's Inferno for a second season, but don't expect Free Zia and Ahn Ye Won to return in the show since new season would likely feature a new group of contestants.

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