Simon Pegg is Excited For Star Trek 4 and it's New Director

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After a few years without a Star Trek film, fans were relieved when a new director was finally revealed for Star Trek 4. SJ Clarkson, who worked on a few episodes of Jessica Jones, was confirmed as the director and fans thought it was an interesting move, though no timetable on the film's release was revealed.

Still, it's good seeing Star Trek back in cinemas and fans aren't the only ones who are happy about it. Simon Pegg, who has been in all three films and even wrote the third one, recently shared how excited he and the cast are to work with Clarkson.

During an interview with JoBlo, Pegg expressed how excited he was to return to the franchise. He feels that there is more to do with these new versions of the characters and is excited to work with Clarkson. Apparently, former Star Trek and current Star Wars director J.J. Abrams emailed them about the news before the announcement broke.

"But there's so much more to do with those characters. I'm very excited about SJ Clarkson being hired. J.J. emailed us about that just before it was announced. Everybody was so excited. I think Zach's actually worked with her. I've seen stuff she's done, and I think it's a great choice, and it's about time."

Pegg also pointed out that Spock actor Zachary Quinto has had experience working with Clarkson in the past, so not everyone will be new to working under her. It seems like he is just excited to work on Star Trek again and no one can blame him.

No release date for Star Trek 4 has been revealed.

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