Shooting Stars Episode 14 Release Date And Time, Preview: Gong Tae Sung Confronts Late Friend Lee Yeon Woo's Manager After Receiving Hate Messages

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Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Shooting Stars episode 14 preview presents a new issue Gong Tae Sung must resolve.

Shooting Stars is a 2022 tvN drama series exploring the romantic love story between the top star Gong Tae Sung and PR team leader Oh Han Byul.

Kim Young Dae and Lee Sung Kyung’s characters share a love-and-hate relationship before developing romantic feelings toward each other while working in the entertainment industry.

The K-drama also depicts the realistic set-up of people who work for celebrities behind the scenes in the world of celebrities in South Korea.

Here is what happened in Shooting Stars episode 13 and a sneak peek at what episode 14 offers.

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Shooting Stars Episode 13 Recap

Oh Han Byul and Eun Si Woo resolve the affair rumors between the actress and Gong Tae Sung. The actor also learns why the PR team leader decided to hold the press conference, leading to their reconciliation.

He finds out about Eun Si Woo’s health concerns and makes it up to her before the actress leaves the country.

The industry also remembers Lee Yoon Woo’s death. Oh Han Byul recollects how the late actor called her several times before committing suicide, but she failed to answer as she was sick at that time.

The PR team leader and Gong Tae Sung visit Lee Yoon Woo together and tell him stories about them.

After returning home, Gong Tae Sung finds a new red envelope, reminding him that he reportedly killed Lee Yoon Woo. He seeks Do Soo Hyeok’s advice as someone he knows abhors him – Lee Yoon Woo’s manager.

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A new issue will arise in the next episode as it turns out that the Organic Bar owner, Yoo Gwi Nong, was Lee Yoon Woo’s manager who hates Gong Tae Sung. He tells the other antis that someone died because of the actor.

At the end of the episode, Gong Tae Sung seeks professional advice due to the anxiety he feels because of camera flashes. Aside from the incident when he was seven, he talks about an event two years ago when Lee Yoon Woo died.

He reveals that he missed the funeral, so reporters flocked around him when he came back.

Shooting Stars Episode 14 Preview

In Shooting Stars next episode, someone asks why the person said they killed Lee Yoon Woo. The clip also

shows flashbacks during the late actor’s funeral.

The Starforce Entertainment employees wear black at work during Lee Yoon Woo’s death anniversary, but everyone hides the pain they are still enduring.

Choi Ji Hoon asks Oh Han Byul if she notices something strange on Gong Tae Sung, making everyone worried.

The episode 14 preview then shows the actor finally confronting Yoo Gwi Nong and showing him a red envelope he received.

Shooting Stars Episode 14 Release Date and Time

Shooting Stars episode 14 was released on June 4. Here’s a glance at Shooting Stars episode 11 release dates in other regions:

Central Time: 8:40 AM (June 4)

Greenwich Mean Time: 01:40 PM (June 4)

Eastern Time: 9:40 AM (June 4)

Pacific Time: 6:40 AM (June 4)

Philippine Time: 9:40 PM (June 4)

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