Shooting Stars Co-Stars Kim Young Dae, Jin Ho Eun Reveal They Met Before Working Together in tvN Drama

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: tvN Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Shooting Stars actors Kim Young Dae and Jin Ho Eun revealed a secret about their friendship after the drama’s ending.

Kim Young Dae and Jin Ho Eun recently starred in Shooting Stars, a 2022 tvN drama about the romantic love story of Korea’s top star Gong Tae Sung and PR team leader Oh Han Byul.

Kim Young Dae portrayed the role of Gong Tae Sung, a top star actor who endures a tragic past. Meanwhile, Jin Ho Eun played Byun Jeong Yeol’s character, Gong Tae Sung’s new manager, after Kang Min Kyu’s departure.

Most recently, the on-screen star and manager duo showed their close relationship in real life through a pictorial.

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Kim Young Dae, Jin Ho Eun Highlight Closeness in New Photoshoot

In a new pictorial and interview with Allure Magazine, the two stars shared their mischievous sides before sharing a shocking story about them.

According to Jin Ho Eun, they met for the first time five years ago when they signed with their company. They became close enough that they usually visited each other at their homes.

For Jin Ho Eun, he recollected the time he asked Kim Young Dae if he could come to his house, and the actor gladly accepted him.

Meanwhile, the Extra-Ordinary You actor shared that they bought a slice of cake to celebrate his birthday years ago. Now that they are both rising stars, Jin Ho Eun joked that they should get an entire cake next time.

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Although they have a smooth-flowing friendship, they still have differences that make their relationship more special.

Jin Ho Eun does not drink, but he consumes a little alcohol with Kim Young Dae sometimes. He also disclosed that he taught him how to drink whiskey.

“For both myself and Jin Ho Eun, we’re continuously improving and growing. I’m really thankful for that. When he comes out in a drama, I tell people around me. I go, ‘Have you seen him in “All of Us Are Dead”?’ I’m thankful to him because he’s a source of support, and I don’t think I’ll ever fall apart because I have someone like him to talk to. I always feel at peace with him, and I’m grateful. That’s it,” Kim Young Dae said.

Jin Ho Eun also showered him with compliments, saying he took care of him and filled the areas he lacked.

Kim Young Dae, Jin Ho Eun Choose Other Jobs Than Being Actors

Elsewhere in the interview, the magazine asked them what role they would want to take aside from being actors.

Kim Young Dae said he wants to take a role similar to the magazine editor. For him, creating things would be fun.

Meanwhile, Jin Ho Eun chose to be a stylist or photographer since he is interested in working with visual arts.

Fans can watch their friendship — even on-screen — through tvN’s drama Shooting Stars.

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