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Shin Seul Ki Net Worth: Single’s Inferno 2 Star Has an Impressive Family Background

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Joining the adorable Kim Se Jun and Lee Nadine as favorites in Single’s Inferno 2, Shin Seul Ki was among the participants who gained the viewers' attention.

During the season finale, the South Korean beauty surprised the audience and even the host with her decision to leave the island with Choi Jong Woo.

The majority believe that Shin Seul Ki’s final pick will be the Single’s Inferno 2’s bad boy Kim Jin Young after the duo displayed great chemistry during their date at the luxurious hotel known as the Paradise.

To recall, as seen in the previous episodes, three hot men were competing against each other to get Seul Ki’s attention.

However, at the end of the show, Choi Jong Woo swooned Seul Ki with his loyalty and charm.

In an interview during the program, she delivered a remarkable comment about Jong Woo and said that he “broke her standards” given that she usually goes after the person whom he likes more.

As viewers knew that the two were among the three couples who ended up with each other, fans are curious about her background and Shin Seul Ki’s family.

Shin Seul Ki’s Parents

One of the most popular cast members among the bunch, Seul Ki’s beauty immediately captivated her fellow contestant.

In one episode, Shin Dong Woo, who is revealed to be a plastic surgeon, asked her about her profession.

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It turned out that Shin Seul Ki is still a student at Seoul National University and is now in his senior year taking up piano major.

After the episode aired, viewers played detective and found out that Shin Seul Ki’s father was also a plastic surgeon.

Her father is one of the country’s famous plastic surgeons and the founder and head surgeon at BIO Plastic Surgery.

He was also named one of the top-earning surgeons due to his developments in botox brands.

Interestingly, apart from her parents’ profession, Shin Seul Ki‘s family has an impressive real estate portfolio and owns a 20-story building in Sinsa-dong, Seoul.

It is predicted that the building itself is around 100 billion KRW, or about 78.2 million USD.

Adding to the list of her family’s properties is the high-end apartment called Tower Palace that would cost between 7 and 9 million USD.

Shin Seul Ki’s Net Worth

While most of her wealth might come from her inheritance, Shin Seul Ki’s net worth is reportedly around 1.3 million won in late 2022, as cited by a media outlet.

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