She-Hulk Writer Explains the Reason Behind the Title Change

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When the first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was released, Marvel Studios also announced that the title of the series has been changed with "Attorney at Law" added. Some fans were surprised and have been also been wondering why they decided to add the subtitle just months before it premiered on Disney+.

During an interview with Lifehacker, head writer Jessica Gao explained the reason behind the title change to the series just months before its airing in which she revealed that it was Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige who came up with the idea while viewing the footage.

"We always had the line in the show where Bruce says 'She-Hulk attorney at law, it’s got a nice ring to it.' And one day we were watching cuts and when it got to that scene, Kevin just said 'That’s a great title for a show, that should be the title of the show.' And that’s it," Gao said. "You know when the golden tongue of Kevin Feige speaks then it becomes canon and that’s really how it happened."

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The addition of "Attorney at Law" to the title is certainly a homage to the legal procedural genre which is fitting for the series since it is the genre and tone that they're tackling. It also makes some of the audience understand that the series is also a legal dramedy and not just a superhero show about She-Hulk.

It is not surprising to hear that the title change came from Feige's idea since he is the architect of the franchise and he always does the final decisions on his projects. It also sounds like it was indeed a last-minute decision and it didn't happen during development or production. Whether you like the subtitle addition or not, it is still interesting nonetheless.

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New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premiere every Thursday on Disney+.

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