She-Hulk Star Jameela Jamil Shares First Look at Titania

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There is little doubt that people are excited about She-Hulk especially since it was confirmed that Jameela Jamil will play the main villain in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Not surprisingly, fans are curious as to how the Good Place star will look like in the highly anticipated Disney+ show. Now, Jamil herself has shared the first look at Titania while another behind-the-scenes photo features a suited-up Mark Ruffalo with the other villainess.

Jamil has shared a new selfie on her official Twitter account and it's not just any selfie. This one was taken on the set of She-Hulk with Jamil still in her orange wig and full Titania makeup. Check it out below.


It's a different look for Jamil but one that should fit the character perfectly. In the series, Titania is described as "Kardashian-esque social media influencer in her 30s with a dark side." It's an interesting description and we can't wait to meet the new MCU character soon.

In addition to Jamil's selfie, another behind-the-scenes photo has been shared on Twitter. This time, it shows Ruffalo still in mo-cap suit with Jamil's stunt double.


We're loving these new looks at She-Hulk and it's exciting to see Jamil and Ruffalo hard at work on their new show. However, we have yet to see Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters. Hopefully, that's something that we will get to see before the end of the year.

She-Hulk is still in production and has not yet been given an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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