She-Hulk: Jameela Jamil Teases More Titania Action in Upcoming Episodes

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

In the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, She-Hulk and Titania have another match that happened during Lulu's wedding and ended up with the latter being humiliated due to the huge knockout that she received which also resulted in her teeth being messed up. With three episodes left, it is all but certain that her presence in the series is not yet over.

Speaking recently with, Jameela Jamil, who plays Titania, discussed her experience working on the sixth episode and hilariously offered an apology to the viewers for witnessing the veneers that broke during her fight scene.

"Those teeth are not my fault. I'm sorry about them!," Jamil said. "And I so welcome being dragged and meme’d because there's no excuse for those teeth. I will lead the mob against myself because of those teeth."

She added, "Those [teeth] were the only ones we had because we wanted to break her veneers. That was what I was given. At least the character is so cartoonish in every other way that I think we almost get away with it. I have great photographs from that that I can't wait to put on the internet. But yeah, I officially apologize for everyone having to see that."

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Credit: Marvel

Regarding the character's next appearance in the series after her humiliation, Jamil teased that there is still more to come from her and seemingly hinted as well that we will be witnessing a fourth match between the two characters during an upcoming episode.

"I think that Titania has been taught a lesson and very publicly humbled," she said. "For now, she's going to calm down. But I don't believe this woman is ever going to stop plotting. I don't think it's ever over for Titania until it's over. I think just, for now, she's licking her wounds and biding her time. But if they meet again, who knows?"

Since Titania has been established as a character that doesn't simply give up on her rivalry against She-Hulk, it's not surprising to hear that she will be appearing in an upcoming episode for another match. It is interesting to see what direction they will take for her in the rest of the series and what kind of resolution will happen between their rivalry.

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New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premiere every Thursday on Disney+. You can check the countdown for the next episode here.

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