Shazam! Will Be The Next DCEU Project To Undergo Production

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As of now, Warner Bros only has two DCEU movies under production which are Justice League and next year's Aquaman. The success of Wonder Woman has made them confident to move forward with another movie, and the next hero in the DC lineup will be Captain Marvel in the movie Shazam!.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shazam! may start principal photography sometime in January or February 2018. Lights Out director David F. Sanberg has also been officially attached to direct the project with Peter Safran (Aquaman) on board as producer.

The report also confirms rumors that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will not be in the movie as Captain Marvel's nemesis Black Adam. Instead, he'll be starring in his own Black Adam-centric spinoff which will be developed separately from Shazam!. If a Black Adam movie should happen, this would be the first superhero movie to focus on one singular villain. Hopefully it all pays off when Adam and Marvel clash in a future film.

With Shazam! on the slate, we're curious as to what other projects DC Entertainment is going to push forward with next year. We're still waiting on films like Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps., The Flash, and Gotham City Sirens; Suicide Squad 2 is also aiming to start production mid-2018.


No official release date has been set for Shazam! but we could expect it to hit theaters in 2019 if production starts 2018.

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