Shazam! International Trailer Reminds Everyone That Aquaman is Cool

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Looks like we have another Shazam! trailer, this time one aimed towards the Chinese market. Don't worry, the trailer itself is in English and continues to exude all of the charm that was found in the other previews. Fans will also dig all of the superhero references made, particularly to Batman, Superman, and, Warner Bros' favorite franchise, Aquaman.

The Aquaman reference comes at the trailer's end, where Shazam tries to see if he can talk to fish. He can't and wonders why anyone would even want that power before Freddie points out that you can control a billion creatures in the ocean before then pulling up his shirt. Yeah, Aquaman used to be a joke but now he's a billion dollar-making machine and WB won't let you forget it.

As for the rest of this trailer, it's filled with new and old footage. Fans will probably enjoy the part where Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana is making a villainous speech and Shazam can't hear him, showing that the hero doesn't have super hearing. Guess that's exclusive to Superman. Aside from that, fans pretty much know what to expect and this should be a fun movie.

Shazam comes out on April 5. Who's ready to see the hero formerly known as Captain Marvel?

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