Shazam Family Actor Shockingly Dropped from Fury of the Gods

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans are mega-hyped for the arrival of Shazam! Fury of the Gods and despite the fact that the film isn't going to hit cinemas until 2023, we're already getting ourselves a lot of behind-the-scenes and on-set goodies from director David F. Sandberg himself. A few weeks back, set images from the filming of the Shazam! sequel circulated all over social media showing Zachary Levi's new and improved costume and it's safe to say that the entire DC fandom gave it their seal of approval.

Now, Sandberg is once again taking to social media to unveil our first official look at the improved super-suits of the remaining Shazam! family members — Freddy Freeman, Mary Bromfield, Darla Dudley, Pedro Peña, and Eugene Choi and I gotta say, while I already liked the original costumes, they're night and day compared to the new ones.

But that's not the only thing fans are talking about. If you'll look closely at the image, Mary Marvel actress Michelle Borth has apparently been recast for the sequel and her replacement is none other than actress Grace Fulton who portrayed the role of the superhero's mortal alter ego, Mary Bromfield in the 2019 flick. Check out the post here:

Sandberg confirmed that Fulton will now be playing both parts in the DCEU moving forward but didn't go into detail about Borth's Fury of the Gods exit. Of course, this comes as a major shocker considering it was previously reported that Gorth signed a multi-year deal with DC Films to play Mary Marvel in other DCEU projects. Hopefully, we'll get some much-needed clarity soon but hey, I'm glad Grace is getting an upgraded role in the sequel.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will hit cinemas in June 2023.

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