Shazam!: Everything You Need To Know About [SPOILER] In Mid-Credits Scene

There are so many awesome things to look forward to in Shazam!, from Billy Batson enjoying his new superpowers to the awesome way he ultimately realizes what family is all about. But what about that strange thing that Dr. Thaddeus Sivana found early on in the DC Extended Universe flick? That's certainly something that had people wondering about what will happen in the sequel.

Spoilers Ahead! You Have Been Warned!

In the first few minutes of Shazam!, a young Sivana spots a weird-looking caterpillar inside an enclosure. However, it soon disappears when the enclosure is destroyed. The insect is then forgotten throughout the entire film until it somehow returns in the mid-credits sequence.

In the scene, Sivana is busy scribbling symbols on the wall of his cell when he suddenly hears a voice. It is revealed that the caterpillar has found a voice box (yeah, it's a weird caterpillar, I know) and is talking directly to Sivana, inviting him to work with the insect.

At this point, we all know that's no ordinary caterpillar (because why would a regular caterpillar get a voice box anyway?). Comic book fans immediately recognized Mister Mind, an alien worm with telepathy who is hellbent on global domination.

So why should we worry about Mister Mind? In the comics, he is the leader of the Monster Society of Evil, a team of supervillains. Mister Mind would recruit any villain who had previously fought and lost to a hero so it makes sense that he would call on Sivana to join him. Interestingly, this could mean that the Monster Society of Evil will play a large role in future DCEU films.

For now, we're not sure who provided the voice of Mister Mind or if he will return in the future. However, it certainly looks like big things could happen if the worm and Sivana work together with the other villains who have appeared in the previous DCEU movies' post-credits scenes.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.

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