17 Jul 2018 12:47 PM +00:00 UTC

Shazam!: Captain Marvel Graces Cover of EW

We may have spent months in the dark with Shazam!, but now we're getting new images of Zachary Levi's Captain Marvel almost every day. Now we have a new image of him on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Check it out:

With the rest of DCEU's hero roster being ‘serious' and broody heroes, it's interesting to see where director David F. Sandberg is going to take Shazam!. By what we understand, the movie is aiming to be an action-comedy very akin to Guardians of the Galaxy, and a lot of actors have called the film Big but with Superman.


With the first trailer set to come out next week at SDCC 2018, a lot of fans are excited to see how Shazam! will set itself apart from the DCEU. Sure Marvel Studios is currently dominating the comic book movie market, but that hasn't stopped Warner Bros for trying to reinvent comic book films their way.

Personally, of all the movies that have already been announced, Shazam! is the one I'm looking forward to the most. He's probably just as obscured to the main audience as the Guardians, so I would love to see how they react to someone like Billy Batson joining the ranks of DCEU's hero roster.

Shazam! comes out April 5, 2019.

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