Shazam 2 Star's Latest Revelation Puts Uncertainty on DCU Future

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Mary Marvel
Credit: WB
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Excitement and intrigue fill the air as the DC Universe is set to usher in a new era under the James Gunn and Peter Safran regime. Despite the forthcoming changes to the franchise, the DC Studios co-CEOs are still committed to finishing what the previous regime started. Now, one actor is speaking out amidst all of the uncertainty.

Credit: WB

Speaking with The Direct, Grace Caroline Currey, who plays Mary Bromfield aka Mary Marvel in the Shazam! franchise revealed that she hasn't spoken to DC Studios regarding her future after Fury of the Gods. She did state, however, that she's open to getting recast as a different character although she believes she's the right fit for the Mary character.

Currey said: "I think we’re in incredible hands. I got excited about the slate, because I know James Gunn just brings so much to comic book lore and he’s so well-versed. So yeah, I’m not in the conversations, of course. You know, I’m along for the ride. And when they say, ‘Grace, it’s time,’ I’m there… I’m really, really curious. I’m really interested to see what comes up with this slate. And I think there’s gonna be a whole new breath too to just the world and yeah, I’m really curious."

The rising star added: "I’m such a nerd. So I, you know, of course, I daydream about playing any of the characters, right? Like they’re all awesome. But, I gotta say, Mary… It’s unusual how much I feel I was made to play her and how privileged I am that I got to play her, considering I feel the way I do about her. When I first auditioned and Shazam wasn’t made yet, it was just announced that David [F. Sandberg] was going to be directing it, my brother was like Grace, ‘You’ve got to audition for this. You are Mary.’ And he pulled out his comics of Shazam and showed me pictures of her."

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It's worth noting though that Gunn and Safran have both expressed their interest in retaining some of the actors like Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Zachary Levi, and even Ezra Miller so I guess there's still hope for Currey to stick around. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the duo does next.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is slated for theatrical release on March 17, 2023.