Seth Rogen Produced 'The Boys' Moves From Cinemax To Amazon

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It looks like Seth Rogen's fascination with Garth Ennis-written comics will continue with The Boys. The Knocked Up star already brought Preacher to the small screen in AMC, and he's planning to do the same for The Boys, even directing a few episodes. However, a change was made and the show will no longer head to Cinemax, but to Amazon.

According to Variety, the project received a script order from Amazon, and could be a series relatively quickly if it impresses. Rogen and co-producer Evan Goldberg are hoping it will be an hour long drama, which isn't impossible. Only time will tell if the series will be as good or successful, at least when compared to Preacher.

Considering how dark and violent The Boys was in the original comic books, it will be interesting to see the producers push the envelope. Amazon is already home to Neil Gaiman's violent American Gods, which has gotten plenty of positive reviews so the streaming service should give Rogen and Goldman a lot of leeway. Plus, it's a commentary on superheroes, something that will appeal to those who are feeling "superhero fatigue" from all the Marvel and DC films.

The Boys was written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Darick Robertson. Similar to the show's transfer in homes, the comic was originally published by Wildstorm for the first six issues, before the moving to Dynamite Comics. It ran for 72 issues.

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