Preacher Season 2 Harks Back to Co-Creator’s Style

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Preacher has seen quite the success as a TV show adaptation of the original material—a feat that has finally been accomplished after two decades of trying. Sadly, the premiere of the second season won't be seen by Preacher comic artist Steve Dillon following his tragic passing last October.

However, his presence and wit will be reflected in the series, as series executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and showrunner Sam Caitlin told CBR. It seems that Dillon had been to the set a few times, and even shared that the co-creator liked the series.

"One of my first impressions on reading the comic was just how cinematic it was, and how bold it was with the palette, and his use of wide shots and super-close shots. It's been a big influence, I know, on [veteran cinematographer and Preacher executive producer] Michael Slovis and our cinematographers; it's influenced our costumes. It's just been invaluable."

Dillon had even rolled out a Preacher #1 cover that matched the casting for the show's characters. As the series comes closer to adapting the original material, fans will probably get to see more of his humor and style live onscreen.

Preacher will debut its second season with a two-night premiere on AMC before it moves back to the 9:00 p.m. every Mondays.

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