Serial Experiments Lain Enters Reality in New Alternate Reality Game

Serial Experiments Lain Game Lain Iwakura

Serial Experiments Lain Game Lain Iwakura

We might not be getting a new anime anytime soon (or maybe ever), but fans will be happy to know that Serial Experiments Lain is getting a new alternate reality game (ARG) that’s set to begin soon.

This upcoming ARG was revealed recently, with a teaser being shared on the show’s official website.

The game is officially titled Layer 3301: De-Cipher and it promises to give fans a unique way to experience Lain’s world.

While game adaptations of popular anime are quite common, this Serial Experiments Lain is far from your average video game -- fitting given the unique nature of the anime.

Serial Experiments Lain – A Cult Sci-Fi Anime Classic

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Serial Experiments Lain is a cult sci-fi classic that aired in 1998. While it has been decades since its release, Lain continues to have a dedicated following thanks to its cyberpunk horror premise.

The series follows Lain Iwakura, an introverted high school student who finds herself caught up in The Wired, an enigmatic virtual world. After this, Lain finds herself roped into various bizarre events.

It’s hard to exactly explain what Lain is about, but its surreal story and unnerving atmosphere have made it a beloved anime, though it’s not a show for everyone.

Aside from the anime, Lain also got a game adaptation back in 1998 that was released for the original PlayStation.

There’s also a short manga one-shot titled The Nightmare of Fabrication that was released in 1999.

Even though no proper Lain project has been released since then, the series continues to have a passionate fanbase.

In fact, the recent MyAnimeList hack was seemingly done by a fan of the show.

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A Serial Experiments Lain Alternate Reality Game Is Coming Soon

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Finally, fans of the series have something to look forward to as a new Serial Experiments Lain ARG will begin soon.

This upcoming game is being supervised by the original anime’s producer, Yasuyuki Ueda, and it is being made by Anique Corporation and Kasagi.

Not a lot of details have been revealed yet, but what we do know is that access to the game will come via a digital “Protocol Key”, which fans can purchase and use to unlock mysterious elements of the story.

Take note though, this is far from your typical anime gacha game, as it’s more of a mixed-medium experience. And as with other ARGs, this project will feature a puzzle that players must solve.

When players solve the puzzle, they’ll receive special digital and physical items, along with cells that were used in the making of the anime.

The Serial Experiments Lain ARG will begin in late June 2023.

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