Sebastian Stan Celebrates 10 Years of MCU Bucky Barnes in Heartfelt Post

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Some of you may not be aware of it, but Sebastian Stan actually auditioned for the role of Captain America over a decade ago. Obviously, he didn't make the cut, and the part eventually went to Chris Evans who would define the star-spangled man. But little did Stan know that his Marvel Cinematic Universe journey was just about to begin as he was cast as Cap's trusty ally-turned-foe Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.

For most of his MCU run, Bucky has always been treated as second fiddle along with Sam Wilson aka Falcon but Evans' emotional exit following Avengers: Endgame pretty much paved the way for them to finally carve their own respective paths in the billion-dollar franchise.

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There's no doubt that Sebastian has had quite the journey in the Marvel universe and looking back on it on social media, the actor had nothing but gratitude for his fans who have been behind Bucky since the beginning. Check it out here:

When you think about it, Bucky's true adventure is only getting started with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier officially turning him into a bonafide hero. While he's no Captain America, Bucky still brings something great to the table and it's safe to assume that Sebastian will be sticking around for quite a few years. Of course, we're not going to complain as the actor has played the role to perfection, so much so that it's already hard to imagine someone else portraying the character.

Bucky Barnes will return in Marvel Studios' What If...? streaming this August on Disney+.