18 Jul 2021 6:12 AM +00:00 UTC

Sebastian Stan Reveals He Finally Had the Chance to Watch Loki for the First Time

Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki's explosive finale sent shockwaves to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom and everyone is still stunned at how the Phase Four series made a huge impact on the future of the franchise. We still have five months of waiting until Spider-Man: No Way Home to see the repercussions of Sylvie's actions but for now, we're all caught up in the MCU guessing game.

Fans and critics have lauded Loki for its compelling storyline that left a lot of us at the edge of our seats and even Tom Hiddleston's fellow Marvel actors can't help but gush over the series. Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo is among the actors who have been actively voicing out his opinion of the show on social media and it's safe to say that he enjoyed the show. Now, one of Hiddleston's castmates revealed on social media that he finally had the chance to start watching the show despite his busy schedule.

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Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan, a self-confessed Tom Hiddleston fan took to social media to share that he's only watching Loki for the very first time days after Season 1's grand finale. Stan is busy filming his upcoming series Pam & Tommy so it's quite understandable how he wasn't able to keep up with the series but still, it's cool that he's so supportive of his MCU co-star.

There's no denying that the MCU just got even bigger, not to mention more complicated, and boy, we fans are definitely in for a huge treat in the coming months. Now, it's safe to say that the MCU isn't going anywhere because Loki's finale alone gave Marvel Studios a decade's worth of content to explore.

Loki's finale episode is now streaming on Disney+.