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Could Succession Season 4 Be The Last Installment? Here's What HBO Says

Despite widespread discussion about when the blockbuster drama will conclude, HBO content head Casey Bloys claims there is no Succession Season 4 final season planned.

Succession has been renewed for Season 4, and while there are still more episodes to come, some are already wondering when the Waystar Royco saga will come to an end. Succession's end has been exacerbated by star Brian Cox, who said last year that he believes the show will end after one or two more seasons.

Cox, who plays the ruthless patriarch Logan, even expressed his belief that Succession Season 4 could be the final season.

Could Succession Season 4 be the Final Season?

HBO content chief Casey Bloys reacted to the issue of whether Succession Season 4 will be Succession's final season in a recent interview with TVLine. Bloys confirmed what many already suspected: creator Jesse Armstrong is in charge of the decision, and he's waiting to hear from the creative team.

“That’ll be [series creator] Jesse [Armstrong]’s call, obviously. He’s with the writers now, talking about Season 4. I imagine at some point he will let us know where he lands on whether this is the last or if there’s more,” Bloys told the outlet.

“Generally speaking, we leave it to the showrunner/creators to come to us to let us know when it’s the time to end the story. So we’ll see."

What’s Next for Succession?

Over the course of three seasons, Succession has grown to become one of television's most critically acclaimed shows. It swept the Emmys in 2020, establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with. Then, last fall, Succession returned for a long-awaited Season 3 that, with its jaw-dropping season finale, upended the game.

One could argue that there's still a lot more story to tell; Succession Season 3 finished with Logan triumphant once more, but there has to be a transition of power at some point, right? If that's the case, it might make sense to keep the show going for at least two more seasons.

Meanwhile, fans can ponder what Tom's finale betrayal means for Succession in the future, and argue who should be the ruler of Waystar once everything is said and done.

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