Sean Astin Recalls Disasterous Goonies Audition That Made Steven Spielberg Walk Out

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It's hard to imagine anybody else but Sean Astin playing Michael 'Mikey' Walsh in Goonies. However, there was a time when the Lord of the Rings star was worried that he didn't get the lead role in the beloved adventure comedy. This was because executive producer Steven Spielberg actually walked out during Astin's audition.

Astin spoke about the incident in a recent episode of the Inside of You podcast. The Stranger Things star admitted that he was already nervous since he was told that he would be meeting "the most powerful man in Hollywood." This in itself was enough to make Astin mess up his lines.


"So we do this scene, and it's really good. Until we get to this one point in it, and I forget the line. And I start shaking. And they're like ‘It's alright. Do you want to pick it up, do you want to take it over?' And I was like ‘Can I just look at it? Oh, right! I remember what it was.' So we do it again, and at the same spot. I've now psyched myself out. But at the same spot, I forget. I go ‘S--t!' And Steven gets up and walks out of the room."

It was a nerve-wracking situation who was pretty sure he messed up because of his outburst.

"I'm like ‘Well, I guess I'm never going to make another movie in Hollywood.' I'm a guy who's cursed, you probably don't want as the star of your kid movie a kid that says ‘s--t.'" Astin said.

Luckily, it looks like Spielberg wasn't actually turned off by Astin's cursing. After all, he ended up getting the job that would lead to more high-profile projects.


Astin's most recent appearance was in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6.

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