Indiana Jones 5 Aiming for April 2020 Start

We've barely been getting any updates on Indiana Jones 5, but after a series of delays, it looks like the movie is finally ready to move forward. Just in, it's said that the film is aiming for a production start sometime early next year.

As per Discussing Film, Indiana Jones 5 is looking at an April 2020 start:

Of course, it's possible that this can still be moved. But with a window set, we sort of have an idea of how far off pre-production is already at.

The last news we had of Indiana Jones5 was that the movie will be scrapping Jon Kasdan's script in favor of a new one from Dan Fogelman (Cars, Tangled). We have no idea what kind of story to expect, but it's said that Harrison Ford will be coming back as everyone's favorite archeologist, and fans speculate that he'll properly pass on the torch this time around.

Back in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it looked like the franchise was ready to pass on the torch to Shia LaBeouf's Mutt Williams, but the movie was poorly received, and it's said that LaBeouf won't be coming back for this film.

We don't know if Indy 5 is planning to pass the torch on at all, but a lot of fans would want the new lead to either be Chris Pratt or Chris Pine. We don't know who the right choice is, but hopefully Lucasfilm can reinvigorate the franchise just like they did with Star Wars back in 2015.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to for a release on July 9, 2021.

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