Sandara Park Net Worth 2022: 2NE1 Member Clarifies Whether She is 3rd on Richest List Next to IU, Lee Hyori

Credit: DARA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: DARA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Sandara Park’s net worth in 2022 scored the spotlight after buzzes suggested she is one of the richest female artists.

The idol journey for Sandara Park was never smooth sailing, but it paid off when she debuted in 2NE1 after reaching fame in the Philippines. Since her debut, she already became part of different industries as an actress and TV presenter.

With her nearly two decades of career, how rich is she now?

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Is Sandara Park the 3rd Richest Female Star After IU, Lee Hyo Ri?

The Fire hitmaker appeared in the October 5 episode of Problem Child in House alongside Park Soo Hyun. As reported by Newsen, she talked about several topics, including the rumors that she follows IU and Lee Hyo Ri on the richest list.

Sandara Park shocked everyone when she answered the question about her shoe collection. She revealed that she now has 1,000 pairs of shoes, with the most expensive one worth around $14,000.

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This led her to address the news article about her being the third richest female idol.

"There was a news article that said I had 30 billion KRW worth of wealth. I was sad because it's not true. But after I thought about it, I think I did earn around 30 billion KRW in my career. I probably would have been able to invest in real estate if I didn't go shopping so much,” she said.

Sandara Park Net Worth 2022

As of this year, Sandara Park’s net worth is believed to be around $30 million.

Although 2NE1 already disbanded and only reunited during the Coachella, she still has many sources of income. Aside from her earnings during the K-pop group days, she also gains in her solo career. She already debuted as an actress and became part of several flicks, including Missing Korea, Dr. Ian, Cheese in the Trap, and We Broke Up.

She is also a regular on variety programs, making appearances in I Live Alone, Idol League franchise, Video Star, Celebeauty Season 3, and Stage K, to name a few.

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