Samuel Kim Shock: Brave Entertainment Files An Appeal Amid Contract Issues

Credit: 1THEK

Credit: 1THEK

Samuel Kim already won his case against Brave Entertainment, but the agency still wants to win the legal showdown with an appeal.

In 2019, Samuel Kim expressed his desire to promote as an independent artist. At that time, he left Brave Entertainment already, but the agency hit back by saying they would take legal action after his departure.

Rumors suggested the agency manipulated the former Pledis trainee and failed to pay him on time for his appearances and performances.

Although the judge recently ruled in favor of Samuel Kim over the contract termination case, Brave Entertainment wanted to overturn it by filing an appeal.

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Brave Entertainment Refuses To Accept Loss Against Samuel Kim

The Seoul Central District Court nullified Samuel Kim's contract with Brave Entertainment. It also ultimately dismissed the agency's nearly $846,000 libel lawsuit.

On Monday, Brave Entertainment released an official statement and commented on the November 17 ruling.

"The court has dismissed all of the plaintiff's (Samuel Kim) claims including 'forcing to do works outside of duties', 'violating educational rights', 'forgery of documents', and etc. However, the court has ruled the contract was voidable based on the breach of mutual trust due to a delay in delivering some of the accounting documents," the statement noted, as quoted by AllKpop.

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According to Brave Entertainment, they supported the K-pop idol despite not causing income in the past years. The agency added they covered his expenses on his education, rent, and promotional projects. Amid the ongoing battle, it assured it had always cherished him since he began his career.

The same statement touched on social media posts shared by Samuel Kim's mother. Per Brave Entertainment, Samuel Kim signed the contract himself – but the idol claimed the company forged it.

In the end, it assured it would take the case to court once again through an appeal.

Samuel Kim's Recent Win Ends Years-Long Battle

Korea Portal confirmed that Chief Judge Lee Gwan Yong of Division 25 of the Seoul Central District Court's Civil Settlement ruled favor of Samuel Kim.

"We confirm that the exclusive contract concluded between the plaintiff [Samuel Kim] and the defendant [Brave Entertainment] on June 9, 2014, is not valid, and dismiss the counterclaim request of the defendant," the Court ordered.

Following the release of the court's statement, Samuel Kim shared a heartfelt message to thank his fans who supported him throughout the case.

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