24 Mar 2020 10:26 AM +00:00 UTC

Sam Raimi's Classic Spider-Man Movie is Coming to Hulu Next Month

If you're one of those annoying fanboys who insist that there are no other good Spider-Man films outside of the ones Sam Raimi directed then we sure have some news for you; The 2000 superhero classic Spider-Man will be coming to Hulu next month. This is a big deal for a lot of people since the film hasn't appeared in a streaming service in recent years so if you're dying to check the movie out again, you know when and where.

ComicBook.com has confirmed that Spider-Man will be coming to the streaming service on April 1 so let's hope that this isn't a future April Fool's joke. We're sure that isn't the case, given all of the COVID-19 cases going around right now it wouldn't be a very funny prank. So yeah, get your friends in an online party and invite them for a Spider-Man group watch.

The 2000 Spider-Man movie is often seen as an early start for the eventual superhero boom that currently dominates the cinema landscape. Spider-Man, along with X-Men, did a great job at showing how human and relatable these comic book characters can be, which would be an integral ingredient that would make the MCU successful.


Sadly, Spider-Man also spawned a number of failed superhero movies that didn't get why Sam Raimi's trilogy was so good. Despite its campiness, the movie also made you care for its cast, even if some of them were annoying. This is why people unironically like Spider-Man and only ironically like 2003's Daredevil.

Spider-Man comes to Hulu on April 1. Get hyped.

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