Marvel Teases a Bad Change for Spider-Man’s Relationship with Mary Jane

There might be some excitement over Empyre, Marvel comics upcoming crossover between the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, however, it seems like the comic book event may have some consequences on the relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

According to a report by, the June solicitations for Marvel Comics were released last week, and the release included solicitations for Empyre and its upcoming tie-in series.

Empyre: Spider-Man #3 is the last issue of the Empyre tie-in series by Tara Killam and Deigo Olorteguie, and based on the description of the comic, it seems like Spider-Man is going to have to make a major sacrifice to save lives.

The solicitation for the comic says that Peter is going to have to "sacrifice his personal life for saving people as Spider-Man," suggesting that "This time, that sacrifice will change aspects of his relationship with his girlfriend, Mary Jane, but it may save MANY lives."

From the look of things, Mary Jane and Peter may have to separate ways again. That or their relationship is going to undergo a severe strain. Either way, the solicitation doesn't make the change in the relationship sound any good.

Spider-Man fans are used to this, of course. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson never really had it easy. While there are comics where Peter and Mary get married and remain together for years, the marriage was also undone in the "One More Day" storyline where Peter had to sacrifice his relationship in a deal with Mephisto to restore his secret Identity.

Things might be on rocky ground here in Empyre: Spider-Man #3.

Phase 4 of the MCU begins when Black Widow premieres later this year.

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