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Sadie Sink Potential Marvel Role Revealed In New Report

As Stranger Things is nearing its end, its big stars are in search of another franchise to showcase what more they can offer. Marvel Studios reportedly has its eye on Sadie Sink, who portrays fan favorite Max Mayfield in the Netflix series. To continue her stardom, the young actress is rumored to have a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 5 slate, and fans are thrilled.

Stranger Things stars are not strangers to becoming part of the Marvel family, with David Harbour appearing in Black Widow and Thunderbolts. While Caleb McLaughlin has pitched in himself to play Miles Morales in Marvel's super-powered franchise, the day will come for the popular web-slinger to join the fray.

Given Sink's breakout performance in Stranger Things' Season 4, the studios asking the young actress to step up her game in the superhero franchise is not out of the question. With the casting rumors circulating online, fans keep throwing names around as to which superhero Sink can bring to life.

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In addition to fans’ campaign for Sink to play X-Men’s Jean Grey, the Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit moderator team shared a new rumor from their trusted sources claiming that Marvel plans to introduce Songbird to the MCU in 2024's Thunderbolts, and the young actress is the one being advocated to assume the role of the antihero.

Known for her distinctive hairstyle, Songbird, whose true name is Melissa Gold, was a troubled runaway given her difficult upbringing with an alcoholic father and a mother. She subsequently acquired a special device that turned her voice into a lethal weapon. She can identify and eliminate adversaries using astounding abilities like echolocation and a hypnotic melody, and the sheer power of her voice can render practically anyone helpless because she can build solid structures only out of sounds.

In September 2022, the Stranger Things star first dismissed the rumors that she was set to make her MCU debut. “Oh, I saw this! I am denying these rumors. It’s not true. I don’t know where they came from, but as of now they are not true.” she said in an interview with Extra‘s Katie Krause.

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However, when asked if she would be interested in joining the MCU, the young star gave a satisfying answer. She declared, “Oh okay, I need to look at this fan art. Yeah, if the right superhero comes along then sure. Who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?”

She noted that as of now, she has no idea which specific superhero she’d like to portray, but she will be on the lookout. “I mean I don’t know enough about it to know what superheroes are available at the moment. Like, how many do we have left? I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out though.”

Thunderbolts will premiere in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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