Ryan Reynolds (Thunder) Shocks Fans With Short but Sweet Detective Pikachu Trailer

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Ryan Reynolds might not be a regular YouTuber like PewDiePie or other gaming channels but when he uploads something there, people are going to pay attention. The actor literally just posted a short but sweet trailer for May's Pokemon: Detective Pikachu and it, once again, adds a layer of cuteness to the electric furball. Seriously, this movie looks better than it should and we're all pretty hyped.

For those that love cute things, seeing Piakchu's legs go crazy when a character scratches its neck as most people do to dogs is one of the best things seen from this film thus far. Sadly, there are no new Pokemon seen throughout, but we do see Psyduck for a quick bit and an amped up Pikachu, who then prepares for an attack, presumably against Mewtwo.

We already know that there will be more than 60 Pokemon in the movie and that Pokemon battles will be changed in a huge way. Unlike the games and anime, where trainers can battle each other for money and experience points, Detective Pikachu bans Pokemon battles altogether. Trainers now have to fight in an illegal, underground arena.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu comes out on May 10.

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