Detective Pikachu’s Opening Weekend Projections Point To Larger Haul Than Aquaman

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It looks like there's a lot of hype surrounding Legendary Film's live-action Pokemon movie because Detective Pikachu is projected to perform exceptionally well at the box office.

According to a new report by Box Office Pro, industry analysts say that Detective Pikachu is projected for at least a $75 million opening at the domestic box office during its first three days in cinemas, allowing the film to surpass the numbers for the DC Extended Universe's Aquaman standalone movie.

The DC powerhouse made $67.4 million domestically during its first three days in cinemas, and while this was the lowest opening for the DCEU, the film went on to become the highest grossing film in the franchise.


Detective Pikachu may do much better. If the film's marketing push success, then the movie might reach the higher end of analyst's projections, giving Detective Pikachu a haul of around $90 million during its premiere.

Of course, these projections only measure the film's domestic box office performance. It doesn't take into account Detective Pikachu's global numbers. The Pokemon franchise has a huge following around the globe, so it's very likely that we'll see Detective Pikachu doing even better overseas. Maybe the film might even end up as leggy as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, reaching the $1 billion box office club during the end of its theatrical run.

A science fiction action comedy mystery film, Detective Pikachu s a joint venture by both Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and The Pokemon Company.

Detective Pikachu is set for release on May 10, 2019.

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