Ryan Reynolds Teases Deadpool 3, Discusses Unused Ending Scenes

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With Once Upon a Deadpool expected to make a pretty penny for 20th Century Fox this month, fans have been curious about the future of Deadpool. While a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 wasn't expected, fans are still hoping that they get another R-rated installment in the franchise, which keeps getting better and better. Rob Liefeld, the comic creator who made The Merc With a Mouth, recently attended a special screening that had a Q and A with Ryan Reynolds, who teased Deadpool 3, among other things.

Reynolds briefly brought up the possibility of a Deadpool 3 and it seems like the actor is now much more positive about a sequel happening, despite previously being negative about it. He apparently heard a new pitch from the sequel's writer and is now open to more pitches, which can only mean good things. Hopefully. Please.


The ending of Deadpool 2 was pretty fun, though it was also a massive mess for those that care about time travel rules. Still, it ensured that Vanessa and Peter would stay alive, which should lead to shenanigans in the next film, assuming one actually happens. Here is hoping that we also get an X-Force movie along the way.

Speaking of X-Force, Reynolds also discussed some of the alternate endings they planned for Deadpool 2, one of which would have had Deadpool literally pissing on Shatterstar's grave. Now that there is a chance that these characters are okay again, it will be interesting to see if Shatterstar makes it.

Once Upon a Deadpool comes out later this month.

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