New Once Upon A Deadpool Trailer Pokes Fun At Avengers: Infinity War, Ryan Reynolds

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There is little doubt that Once Upon A Deadpool will try to find a way to make new references at pop culture. So it's no surprise that the film's new trailer features one of the Deadpool stars throwing shade at Avengers: Infinity War.

The new teaser shows Deadpool 2 actor Julian Dennison reading from the Once Upon A Deadpool storybook. Not surprisingly, the real Firefist couldn't resist but poke fun at Infinity War's somber ending.

"Once upon a time, there was a Kiwi superstar called Julian Dennison. The star of Deadpool 2, 2018's best superhero film. Nobody died at the end of that one," the young actor declared. We all know what he's talking about here.

Dennison didn't stop at Infinity War. The Hunt for theWilderpeople star also threw shade at Ryan Reynolds' "obsession for swear words and violence" which prevented him and "kids under 16" from watching Deadpool 2. Nevertheless, his little tale concludes with the good news: The film will be re-released without the swearing and blood. In addition to that, Once Upon a Deadpool will feature "more than 20 minutes of new footage, new jokes" and of course, Dennison himself.


The trailer then somehow confirms that Fred Savage will be a major part of the film's PG-13 as Deadpool's "new sidekick." Needless to say, Savage isn't pleased about having to deal with Wade Wilson so this is something we can all look forward to.

Once Upon A Deadpool will be released in selected cinemas between December 13 to December 21.

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