Ryan Reynolds Says New Aviation Gin Ad was Made to Attack Hugh Jackman's Coffee Company

We already know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been "feuding" for a while now but it looks like the Deadpool star has taken it to a new level. Reynolds has just unveiled a new ad for Aviation Gin which he claims had originally aimed to attack the Wolverine actor's own coffee company.

Reynolds recently shared the new Aviation Gin ad on his official Instagram account along with a hilarious caption. Check it out below.

"We shot this last year as an attack ad on a *certain* coffee company... and it kinda evolved into a quarantine ad to help," Reynolds wrote before adding the hashtag #TipYourBartenders.

It's highly unlikely that Reynolds is referring to any other coffee company other than Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee Company. Although fans can rest assured that it's still part of the hilarious "feud" between Reynolds and Jackman, we're glad to know that it's all for a good cause.

It was previously reported that Reynolds and Jackman have agreed to settle their little feud in line with the Coronavirus outbreak. After all, both actors have been going out of their way to help those in need at the time of crisis.

But what are the chances that the two will eventually "kiss and makeup" and appear in a new movie together? Although fans have been hoping that Jackman will show up in an upcoming Deadpool sequel, it has yet to be confirmed whether he will return as Wolverine. In the meantime, we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll get to see Deadpool and Wolverine together in a film.

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