Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why He 'Hates' Hugh Jackman So Much

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There is little doubt that fans love it when Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman tease each other on social media. But how did the feud between Deadpool and Wolverine start in the first place? Reynolds has opened up about how he truly feels about Jackman.

Reynolds and Jackman first worked together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Reynolds was introduced as Wade Wilson. Since then, Reynolds has taken control of his character and portrayed Deadpool in two more movies. In all these films, the Free Guy star had poked fun at Jackman, something that he also does on social media.

So why does Reynolds love to hate on Jackman so much? The Deadpool star was recently a guest on the SmartLess podcast where he offered an interesting explanation.

"You know Hugh Jackman is...I really shouldn't say this, but he... he makes kindness look like murder. I mean he really is just the nicest guy you'd ever meet. And it drives me nuts sometimes... He really is the real deal," Reynold said.


"I want to understand that to some degree, so we sometimes hate and lash out at the things we cannot understand," he continued. So I tend to hate and lash out at Hugh, and he reciprocates of course because he's nothing if not a sportsman. And that's kind of it."

But behind all the jokes, Reynolds admits that he truly admires his former co-star. "In reality, he's like my life sherpa. He's one of the best guys I know," he said of Jackman.


That's certainly an interesting explanation for the feud but it does make sense considering that Jackman doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. It's also funny to think that Reynolds started it all and the Greatest Showman star just decided to roll with it.

So what are the chances that these two will eventually work together again on another Marvel project? For now, Jackman doesn't seem to have any intention of returning as Wolverine. Nevertheless, we're hoping he will consider a small cameo in Reynolds' Deadpool 3. In the meantime, we're waiting to find out what his cameo is in Free Guy.

Reynolds' latest film Free Guy will premiere on August 13, 2021. Jackman is also expected to have a small cameo in the movie. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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