23 Feb 2019 9:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Hugh Jackman's Guinness World Record

Hugh Jackman has certainly hit a major milestone now that he holds the Guinness World Record for the longest career as a Marvel live-action superhero, an honor he shares with Logan co-star Patrick Stewart. Not surprisingly, the news has reached Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool 2 star had an awesome reaction.

Jackman recently celebrated the Guinness World Record by sharing his certificate on Twitter. It didn't take long before Reynolds saw the post and had the most hilarious response. Take a look at his tweet below.

Is Reynolds referring to Wolverine's adamantium claws or Jackman's actual fingernails? Either way, it's hilarious and we truly appreciate a good chuckle.


Jackman and Stewart first appeared in 2000's X-Men where they played Wolverine and Professor X, respectively. Their final appearance as the mutants was in 2017's Logan. According to the Guinness World Records, both actors broke the record with their superhero career spanning 16 years and 228 days.

Stewart portrayed Charles Xavier in seven X-Men films while Jackman played Wolverine in an astounding nine movies including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which also starred Reynolds. Although Jackman has already retired from the role, that hasn't stopped Reynolds from begging the Greatest Showman actor to bring back Wolverine so he could be reunited with Deadpool.

Jackman has just finished voice work on Missing Link, a stop-motion animated comedy that's set for release on April 12. He is set for a world concert tour called The Man. The Music. The Show. which kickstarts in Glasgow, Scotland on May 7.

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